Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Trip to the Garbstore...By Saul Wilks

Having spent most of this morning flicking through innumerable amounts of old records, I treated myself with a nice hearty visit to The Garbstore. I love going to The Garbstore, as they've usually got a good selection of labels I've not heard of and the store staff are decent to chat with. Just a quick note for the foreign readers, The Garbstore is one of London's prime boutiques if you're after something a little bit different from the norm or searching out rare imported brands - as was the case today.

I've always enjoyed taking the trip out to Portobello, wandering around the regal streets and avenues, rubbing shoulders with the west London wealthy and it makes a nice change from heading down Soho or staying around East, shopping wise at least.

Anyway, I thought I'd take the opportunity to hone in on some more winter friendly clothing and stock up on a couple of sweatshirts, because after all, you can't beat a good crew neck sweater. I came away trumps with two lovely garments, from Velva Sheen and Garbstore respectively and I'm really happy with both.

First up I copped for this Velva Sheen state print jersey. I don't know why but I've always loved classic American Sports imagery and that old skool varsity vibe and this just looked cool, from the inner label to the seam stitching.

Once upon a time, Velva Sheen supplied sports wear to American schools, colleges and military services and this is obviously the inspiration to their expertly crafted garments. The quality of this is unparalleled to anything that I've had before and that goes for personal favourites such as the Our Legacy great sweat, which I've bleated about time and again on here.

I'm not really one who goes in for graphic and bold prints, but this really took my fancy and the colours look ace together. The detail in the quality of the stitching is utterly superb and the material feels almost foam like when you touch it, which probably makes it sound proper shit, but the comfort and overall quality is unbelievable.

I hope the pictures do it justice!

Sticking nicely with the sweater theme, I couldn't leave this behind when I noticed it was slashed to 50 bar. As already stated, I love good quality sweatshirts and this heavy marl effort with multi colour fleck is just the ticket. I was surprised to see this on the sale rail, because it's another quality piece of clothing.

I've started to look at Garbstore again more and more, after I admittedly lost interest for a while due to a couple of poor collections from them. They have no need to worry about my future custom if they carry on turning out bits like this though as this is a top piece of kit!

With great details and quality stitching again, note the photograph I've altered to give you a better sense of the multi coloured fleck used in the marl... It's down right dope and rounds off a successful days record and thread buying nicely.

All in all, I'm one happy cat !

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