Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New Wax Incoming...By Saul Wilks

While nursing a bottle of beer last night, prior to hitting up Rich Mix to catch the new Bond film, I decided that I was due a trip to Notting Hill to have a root around the vinyl music exchange. With this fresh in my mind this morning, I rose like a champion and was washed, kitted and out onto the cold streets of London by 9.30am, ready to jump on the tube and head west in search of vinyl delights.

Being the industrious type I decided I'd head down portobello to Garbstore while over that way, thus Killing two birds with one stone and putting myself in the market for some new wears, details of which will follow in the next post.

Before we get lost in new clothing purchases though, I thought I'd share the fruits of today's highly successful crate digging exploits first, kicking thing's off with this dope 1982 joint on Mirage from The System. 'It's Passion' starts off with some trippy analogue sounding business and doesn't get going until it drops about a minute in and explodes into a bass line that's got more sleaze than a Brock Landers B movie. To say I went a bit dippy in the shop while all the anoraks looked at me with disdain is an understatement and this is definitely straight in my box for our forthcoming party at Vogue Fabrics in a few weeks time HEEEEEAAAVVVY.

Following on from the above, I copped for this pretty rare and tasty Jerome Jasper cut that I managed to get for 12 quid. I'm not a catalogue number geek, but this goes for more than double that at the very least and I've seen it pushing upwards of 80 quid in the past. Still, bargain banter aside, this is a great record with a very soulful sound going on, lots of wacker wacker guitar and ace raw vocals. You'll have to excuse the dodgy video of a load of French fella's going about their business - this is the only video I could find on line.

I've saved my favourite for last, arguably one of Preludes best releases (In my opinion anyway) Satin Silk & Lace with 'Your Love'. I've always wanted to open one of my sets with this because it's got a great steady build up before it breaks out into a quality driving beat and a euphoric piano riff... Then the vocal drops. Heaven. One of my favourite records of all time, probably - and that's a big statement but it's an out and out groover as you'll come to hear. You'll be hooked after listening, for sure!

Before I move onto the days clothing buys, I hope you enjoy these licks as much as I do and they warm up this bitterly cold Tuesday evening... Now hit the floor son !

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