Thursday, 20 December 2012

Ideas From Massimo Osti.... by Shaun Dangerfield

I've picked up a few coffee table book's of late but none as big or as good as this beast.
It was an easy selection for me this book, spending so much time of my growing up saving among other thing's to get whatever I craved week by week from labels that Massimo Osti had his magical hands involved in.
You talk about technical outerwear and innovation and most men who know their onions will pull his name out first, there are plenty of tech labels but none for me come close to what he created.
Dated ? maybe, and very debatable but if anything reading through this book has pegged me back a few years and that craving came back for a good few hours while gazing at each page with youthful memory.

I know it's just a passing phase as time move's on but the sight of a Mille Miglia with a hinged watchviewer still make's me do a double take, I've lost count of all the C.P Company and S.I that has revolved through my wardrobes over the years, and the endless amount of Left Hand and Boneville, Massimo Osti and all the various off shot labels that come with it so to open this up and see it all archived was great reading.
I've added a few photo's from the book and I think it's the perfect post to celebrate 150'000 views, enjoy....

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