Tuesday, 18 December 2012

TSOVET Aviator..... by Shaun Dangerfield

To say I'm fussy is an understatement, it's just that I like what I like and that's the end of it so to find thing's I truly want is always a nice feeling.
I've been looking for an every day time piece for wayyyyyy too long now and I just can't settle on what watch I truly wanted although I always had the vision of a square casing, so browsing through Tsovet and Bell&Ross always gave me too much to think about until I clocked (no pun intended) this Tsovet Aviator with a healthy discount and I couldn't say no.
It hasn't disappointed since arriving and can see it being loved for many a year, it's not as chunky as the 46mm Bell&Ross that I had my eye on so the 42mm casing seem's perfect to me.
I like the brown leather strap but I can see me changing to Nato strap's and getting a few different colour's on board.
Copper detail's on the numbers and hands and stainless casing.

"TSOVET was launched in July 2008. We are inspired by objects that last and by those making a lasting impression. We are also inspired by the durability and precession, as well as styling and functionality, of industrial gauges and avionic instruments. From these gauges and instruments— the finely knurled dial knobs, the subtly distinct indicator arms balanced fasteners, and jeweled levers—TSOVET has drawn inspiration. Figuratively speaking, we are students of these industrial, aeronautical, and nautical engineers. We are inspired by them and integrate at every level lessons about styling, functionality, practicality, and lasting durability."

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