Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Little Things in Life...By Saul Wilks

When I was a kid at Christmas I always relished having a stocking as much as delving into all the wrapped stuff, and as time marches on I find that I'm no different than I was back then.

My good lady was good enough to do me a stocking this year, bringing back hearty memories of leaving football socks at the end of the bed and awakening to find prized Subbuteo goals, footballs and referee sets, chocolate coins and as I got a little older, Pure Silk G compilations, making the football sock come stocking of choice bulge, so it looked like a freshly fed anaconda. What a buzz!

You can image then my joy this past Christmas morning when I was the recipient of a rather stylish looking stocking packed with all manor of grown up goodies and treats.

Aside from the obvious wine gum selection (which has long been dispatched), I had some pretty cool little bits and pieces that were different from the norm and extremely heart warming.

Among the pick of the items was a gorgeous display box of Tiger matches (just in case I fancy a spot of light arson - see Submarine), the obligatory sock selections - see Burlington and Happy Socks, and by far the most ace item of the lot, the timeless flying glider (How many of these did I buy from various museums and shops when I was a nipper?) I must admit that seeing these again brought back some quality memories...

This particular version is the American Grumman F6F Hellcat by the way, so I guess all I need now is a hardy FW-189 Focke-Wulf and we're all ready for some quality old skool dog fight action...


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