Friday, 28 December 2012

Bag 'N' Noun...By Saul Wilks

I've needed something practical to ferry my belongings around in for quite a while now and seeing as I travel a lot and am constantly on the move, something other than the trusty APC weekend bag I use would be more efficient and handy.

You can imagine then, how made up I was on Christmas morning when my girlfriend surprised me with this, the large duck canvas Bag 'N' Noun rucksack, which is pretty much perfect for what I was after and indeed had caught my attention on more than one occasion while having a nose on Goodhood.

Fair play, she was bang on the money, from the style and details to the colour itself - a rather classic and pleasing to the eye mix of canvas brown and tan leather.

It's fair to point out that this is a rucksack or backpack if you prefer, and I'm concious of the fact that the back pack has become an essential fashion statement for middle class hipsters, but then this isn't your average Hershal Supply or Fjall Raven Kanken turn out, worn with a 5-Panel Supreme cap, this is certainly a more refined example of how this now bastardised form of carrying convenience should be played out.

There's something about the minimalist design to this bag and the mix of contemporary and rustic overtones that really appeals to me. I personally think it's a great bit of kit and it's obvious from the construction that it's built to last, which is handy when I'm lugging all manor of items around the country.

Being Japanese, Bag 'N' Noun make some exemplary baggage, utilising all manor of materials and creating functional products that have a fine attention to detail and high quality in abundance, which is an obviously essential element for a any prospective bag purchase.

To round things off, I'll be deep and quote Bang 'N' Noun's motto of Necessary or Unnecessary...

and if we're talking in terms of how much I need this fine piece of baggage in my life, well, I think the answer's pretty much a given.

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