Saturday, 29 December 2012

William Fox & Sons.... by Shaun Dangerfield

You will probably see an extra surge the next few weeks as we post up all the good stuff from the festive period. I've had some lovely gear along with some really useful stuff that I won't bore you with.
What I really wanted was an invisible cloak so I wouldn't have to hide in women's toilets any more I could just sit there and wait but it never happened unfortunately.
What I did get though was some dapper headwear from my partners in crime, William Fox & Sons brown tweed tailored flat cap with beautiful red's, green's and blues running through.
Perfect in fit & style and fit's in with my current wear's a treat.
Along the same lines I also received a beautiful brown knitted tie for a smarter day out that will also double up as a gag when everything get's really fruity.... or material hand cuff's.
Actually thinking about I'll probably never wear it and I'll just whack straight into the naughty drawer.

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