Sunday, 30 December 2012

Our Legacy and Nike...By Saul Wilks

So here comes another 'what I got for Christmas' post, I swear there's only about another dozen more to come... Not really, although this years horde was beyond my wildest dreams and expectations, which was obviously quite nice to be the recipient of.

My love of Our Legacy Great Sweats and new found enthusiastic penchant for Nike training shoes has been pretty well documented over the past year. The Great sweat has probably been mentioned more times than I care to remember and slowly but surely my footwear quota is seeing an increase in Orange boxes - It's a marvellous sight to behold.

My immediate family, as in my parents and brother, always get it right at Christmas and this year was no different. I realise that statement might make me sound like an ungrateful bastard when receiving gifts that I don't particularly want, but seeing as that's never happened then I have no past form to base that on, and let's hope that continues.

So, the grey melange Great sweat and a pair of pre-Montreal racers in deep red were a rather lovely addition to the wardrobe and heralded another ten out of ten for my lovely family, for which I'm more grateful for than any piece of clothing or present, obviously...

And to believe at the tender age of 12 I kicked off because I found a Britain's toy fort just prior to Christmas that I was then told wasn't for me... Of course it was, but that still didn't cloak my adolescent range at my house being used as a storing unit for other kids cool toys.

Fast forward to present day and I'm just glad I've got a loving family and friends, which is of course all that really matters at Christmas...

and Nike trainers and Our Legacy sweaters, obviously.

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