Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Shoe Care..... by Shaun Dangerfield

Jumanji's box.... Hellraiser's puzzle box.... erm... a vintage London phone box..... an adidas limited edition box (one of those ace ones like the limited wooden box all in one with a pair of 35th superstars and some cream and a brush for 4 grand)..... and I think that's it ?
Boxes that I would gladly trade for and look at for a month before it went in the shed to prop up the lawnmower. I love boxes but especially nice boxes that serve a purpose, like shoe care boxes.
I understand that after the gumph above this is probably an anti climax but if you seriously thought I was about to share some amazing magical box that unleashed dangerous animals when opened then I think it's about time we grew up and entered reality.

I give all my shoes, boots & trabs an overhaul when I get home. I just enjoy cleaning them as much as I do wearing them (sad I know) so I decided to invest in a shoe care box from Jones, not quite a Turms shoe care kit but a nice start.
After much salivating and heavy breathing as I touched the box I decided to really get my hands dirty and cleaned and polished anything in sight.
Just because I could.

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