Monday, 4 February 2013

Arpenteur.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Made in Lyon, France. Arpenteur make French military and work wear inspired clothing from locally sourced fabrics and keep all the production work in house.
Taking inspiration from the 1920's-50's period it churn's out good honest simple clothing easily wearable and of good quality.
This green duck hunting vest is a great fit, sturdy in build and a lovely colour.
(Great artwork to boot.)
The first three photos are with flash and are more of a true colour, the other photo's are no flash but taken at night so the colour isn't as nice but shows the detailing on the garment.

I've stolen these photo's from the Arpenteur blog as I quite like the highlighting of the natural dyeing process.
For spring summer 2013.

The photos below those are of this a/w2012 wool vest and jacket purely just for some clothing porn as I think they were great items.

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