Monday, 11 February 2013

Ten-C..... by Shaun Dangerfield

"Ten c, The Emperors New Clothes, introduces the forever collection. The original fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen tells of looking beyond what you are told to see and to value what is truly there. The ability too see past the fashion media barrage is a new interpretation of the original fairy tale.

Ten c. Seven pieces that wear no labels either inside or out. They ask to be loved for what they are. Pieces that last forever. These timeless and iconic jackets are created to live and age with you, and the incredible Japanese jersey will, with time, mould itself almost imperceptibly to you."

I couldn't be more impressed with this jacket, the Ten-C Snow Smock. 
From the belt to the Japanese fabric I'm not going to lie to you it just makes me wet.... in a good way.
Designed by Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey (Former Stone Island & CP Company) who have put forward a clothing range with no labels (just model tags) that will continuously run in design, you choose your desired jacket, colour and size and love it for a lifetime. Sounds good to me.
The material is a knitted nylon/polyester micro fibre that is designed to follow the shape of your body and age with you, it's a beautiful material and the only material they use in any of the outerwear they produce.
You can buy various inners and hood liners that button in which is a great feature as the jacket can be worn all year round, this is the spring summer 2013 collection snow smock and comes with all inner buttons ready for winter should I want to buy an inner.

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