Friday, 15 February 2013

The First Picture of Summer...By Saul Wilks

For anyone reading this thinking It's only February, why is he mentioning summer already? I completely understand, but in all honesty the past two days have been pretty glorious here and seeing as I'm a sprightly kind of fellow when it comes to sorting out my wardrobe for the forthcoming season, I thought the time was perfect for this post.

Bleu De Paname have been turning out some excellent clothing over the past few seasons and is without doubt my 'go to label' of the minute, however, past collections don't really have a patch on their forthcoming selection - something I invested heavily in last week during a stop off at the brilliant Anthem Store in Shoreditch.

Having a French girlfriend is a fine excuse to stock up on Breton and French influenced clothing and with Blue De Paname being from the motherland I made sure I took full advantage of their new season, picking up some killer bits in preparation for the warmer months.

As it happens I'm bit of an impatient bastard and at the first signs of sunshine today I decided to head down to my favourite spot on the Welsh riviera to take some snaps of me sitting around pretending it's really hot, while bemused locals strolled past musing at how much of a ponce I am.

The nice thing about this little spot that regular readers will by now know well is that it's built around the old docklands area, meaning the muddy banks hold relics and clues from a time when the area was a thriving industrial hub and makes for an interesting backdrop for these kind of pictures...

Location, location, location!

 (Sunglass - Han Kjobenhavn / Jacket - Blue De Paname / Jersey - Blue De Paname / Denim - Nudie / Footwear - NB)
(Bag - Ban'N'noun / Scarf - St James)

With the mercury being a little higher than what it has been lately I decided to get into the summer vibe by going sock-less and donning sunglasses - as you do in the middle of February -  but to be fair it was fairly pleasant in the sun and the lighting was perfect to catch the ace mix of colours I had going on.

Having picked up a couple of different garments from Bleu's S/S collection I wanted to make sure I snapped all that was worthy of some blog space, so I packed what has quickly become one of my favourite garments in a long while into my bag and after a stealthy change of top - which probably looked well dodgy - I did just that.

Breton jersey's are Breton jersey's at the end of the day, they pretty much do what they say on the tin. The gold button up jacket is indeed gorgeous and perfect for summer but my favourite piece from Bleu's whole summer collection is without doubt the killer print sweater, pictured here in all it's glory.

I've always had bit of a soft spot for bold printed text such as this on sweaters, long time readers may remember a certain wood wood effort a few years ago that I wore to death. This has the same effect on me, although this seems less street, more chic and is a damn fine release from the new French kings of cool - in my book anyway.

To round off this post it would be fair to say that I thoroughly enjoyed taking these photographs today, if nothing more than to really appreciate the fine qualities that each piece of clothing has and how pleasing to the eye it looks when communicated through a photograph.

Beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder, but looking at these pictures now just makes me realise just why I love the thing's that I do and why my passion for conveying that is never faltering...

In the words of the French,


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