Monday, 4 March 2013

Incoming from the Land of the Rising Sun...By Saul Wilks

I can't remember the last time I felt as excited as I have done these past two weeks when waiting for a parcel to arrive. The parcel in question was coming from our brethren over in Japan and the contents of the parcel was just a little bit special.

I haven't had a really strong urge to buy a single piece of clothing for a while but when I first clocked the washi paper yarn cardigan from Japanese label Blue Blue Japan I knew I had to have it for summer. Blue Blue Japan is pretty exclusive, in fact the only place I've ever come across stocking it in the EU is Norse Store and alas they're not carrying this - so it was off on my merry internet travels to try hunt one down.

Having missed out on a small quantity on Hickorees (they carried only two) I turned to my GCSE Japanese to track one down and had no qualms about pulling the trigger. I won't beat around the bush with the fact that this was pretty expensive to buy and import and became even more so thanks to HM Customs completely raping me with import VAT.

Still, when I opened the parcel earlier today and first held this in my hands I knew the extortion was more than worth it's weight in gold as this is one serious bit of kit.

I can't help but think that this is going to turn heads come summer, the colour (listed as sax) is amazing and the process in which this is made makes my head spin.

The garment is constructed from long strips of 'washi' (Japanese paper) which is then spun with cotton/acrylic blended yarns to form an extremely lightweight but strong yarn - I've tried to get as much detail into the photographs as I can, because the texture and make up of this is pretty unbelievable.

I've had a really good month's worth of purchases that has set me up nicely for the coming months and I'm expecting a nice big fat package of goodness from state-side soon, but to be honest I honestly believe this is one of the best purchases I've ever made because I know I'll have this forever.

Think Havana Persol's, crisp white tee, tapered navy trousers and some peanut suede bluchers and were all set for some proper summer loving.

Hat's off to the Japanese, they sure know how to make some ball tingling clothing!

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