Monday, 4 March 2013

Mackintosh Duncan...By Saul Wilks

With some really exciting projects well under way in my life the need for some quality formal attire has been a necessity, that and the fact that I've found my preferences changing over the past year. It's good to see my wardrobe starting to look fresh again - we've all been there when things start to feel a little bit stale.

Some solid investment in both time and finances has allowed me to add some really ace pieces of clothing to my rotation and I'm happy to share another one of those purchases - the Macintosh Duncan, coming in a real slick light blue, which is prefect for the brighter climes.

Mackintosh needs no introduction, they've been the the mac-daddy of rain wear since they first started in 1824 and continue to be so throughout the modern day. Aside from the obvious plaudits that Mackintosh gets for it's quality, the thing that hits home the most is the timelessness and longevity of one of their garments.

We all know what we're looking at here so I won't say any more than I already have, but lets just say that getting caught in the rain won't be so bad when I'm rocking this, in fact I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces come those summer showers.

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