Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sampled part 2..... by Shaun Dangerfield

This one's quite simple but relevant to now.
It's 1986 and in the US on Underground records ESP has released the track "It's you" a classic no doubt about that (feel the heat) and released again in 88 and 89 in the UK.
Beautiful vocal/lyrics so good that duo FCL (Red D and San Soda) rework it and give it a release in 2012 under We play House records in Belgium.
Due to the ridiculous prices that people were trying to sell the said record for it was bootlegged recently much to everyones annoyance and is now available digitally to stop such prices and boot legging.
They were sitting at $1000 at one point.
I would say the recent FCL version is going quite mainstream now (it's how FCL wanted it, in their own words to see how far it would go, or in our words how many copies they could sell and how well known it would get) and can now be picked up on Beatport for couple of quid.
Whether it cheapens it is a personal opinion, whether it's now looked upon as tacky is a personal opinion because obviously it will be played a lot and put in lots of mixes and because its basically an acapella with high hat and a smidgen of bass it's getting remixed over and over.
Whether it's as good as the original in the first place is a matter of taste but at the right time and when everyones peaking no doubt the damage it causes, but in my humble opinion I think it's now dodo'd.

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