Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Some State Side Goodness from Hickorees...By Saul Wilks

The proverbial kid at Christmas time sketch doesn't quite cut the mustard for how excited I've been to receive this parcel. Having completed check out almost 5 weeks ago and having to go through the painful import tax business that is quite frankly grotesque for the wallet, I finally picked this up today from the chaps over in Brooklyn at the ever superb Hickorees.

5 weeks seems like a life time when you're expectantly awaiting the fruits of your labour, but because the footwear included in the order had to be made and the process takes up to 3 weeks to complete, the delay was unavoidable - needless to say, they were the worth the wait.

I've taken so many photographs today as there's that much goodness in terms of details to capture and share that I've decided to break things down into a couple of posts as each purchase deserves it's own little piece of glory.

I can't honestly pick a favourite piece out of my latest catch of spoils, suffice to say I'm more than made up with all of it and to make things perfect every item fits bang on, which is just as well as a return to New York would surely be a tad costly and time consuming.

In the meantime I'll leave you with a little taster of the things to come!

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