Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rancourt & Co Suede Boot...By Saul Wilks

Red Suede boots are probably not everyone's cup of cha when it comes to footwear, but when I seen these Rancourt's I knew I had to have a pair. I've had stick before for wearing a pair of red Superga, so god only knows what the general populous will think when they see me striding around in these beauties.

Larking around aside, I think these are killer make no two way's about it - although a thorough going over with the suede protector will be an absolute must. I had to wait too long for these just for me to go and bollocks them up in a minging club somewhere.

It's no surprise that Rancourt Co herald from the shores of Maine, along with other footwear favourites Quoddy, with this particular model being a limited edition exclusively for Hickorees which is a nice touch indeed.

I can't stress enough how beautiful these shoes are and how instantly comfy they were when I wore them out for the first time earlier to grab some candid action shots of them in all their glory. It softens the blow of having to fork out astronomical import tax amounts when something as good as these are the prize.

I'll leave you with some photos but to be honest I could have filled the whole page with shots of these as they're that nice to look at, touch, photograph and of course wear.

Hat's off to Rancourt, they sure know how to make an ace pair of shoes!

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