Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Owner Operator X The Hillside Camo Smock...By Saul Wilks

Owner Operator is a name that I'd only ever heard about from a friend who's heavily into Snowboarding. Essentially that's who Owner Operator was created for and by, two passionate and forward thinking friends from the snowboarding fraternity. Made exclusively in New York, this gear is designed to combat the toughest elements while staying functional and comfortable for the wearer.

I've never bothered with camo print stuff before but I thought this limited edition collaboration between the Hill Side and O.O. was really ace. I think it works perfectly in the urban jungle just as well as it would do in the real jungle, the colours of the camo made the perfect compliment to the local area's decay.

When I originally bought this I was under the misconception that this was going to be a pac-a-mack kind of job, but I was pretty wide of the mark as this is in fact lined, with a thick overall construction making it perfect for the current climate that we're still labouring under here in the UK. The versatility of the garment is displayed right there in that very quality - I had no idea it was going to be as cosy as it is and originally intended it to accompany me to whatever festivals I decide on this year.

The details are probably too many to name in print, so I've instead tried to grab the best parts with my camera. This will no doubt be another one of those that you'll either love or hate but for me it's a no brain winner.

Quality stuff from the U.S. as always.

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