Sunday, 7 July 2013

Glastonbury 2013.... by Shaun Dangerfield

It was an absolute pleasure this year to get booked and DJ at Glastonbury in block 9.
There's good gigs, there's great gigs, and then there's a 5 day party in Somerset which held some of the greatest memories of my life.  Truly euphoric throughout from watching the sun set to the sun rise.

Musically it was an absolute treat.
I heard records that blew me away that I've never heard before, it was a crate diggers dream and if anything spurring me on to source more music knowing that in reality you've probably only scratched the surface.
The main bulk of Glastonbury isn't really for me, it's quite Ted central to be honest, but I wasn't there for that I was there for the nightlife.  So we napped during the day and abused the night.

Holding down in block 9 the camp was set out with 4 main areas, NYC Downlow, Genosys stage, London Underground and the vibrant Maceos club bar which was backstage and for crew members/DJ's etc.
It literally had everything we wanted, the Genosys stage was a celebration of electronic music past present and future and was a rather large industrial build, or in Block 9 words....

"Hovering in the shadows of an ancient industrial power facility, a towering concrete and glass structure lies dormant and overgrown," it reads....
"This is Genosys. Short for Generated Oxygen System, this epic, brutalist 'tree' was built to save the once poisoned planet. It nurtured and preserved plant life within its huge tanks and, as it drank in the excess atmospheric carbon, it poured out fresh oxygen. Lost and forgotten, Genosys has lain silent until now…"
Gene Hunt, Tyree Cooper, Luke Howard, Bicep, Dan Beaumont, Seth Troxler and Greg Wilson to name a few who created memorable moments in the Genosys stage.

Luke Howard of Horse Meat Disco was unbelievably good, he played a proto house set in the Genosys stage Friday night, I was just in my element, there were groups of teenagers there all waiting for Julio Bashmore and I watched the faces dropping wondering who was playing and what these records were, no hype, no talk, just getting down and watching others do the same not knowing who they were dancing to, it was beautiful.

London underground is built as a massive decaying block of flats with an underground tube train embedded into the 5th floor.
It was a showcase of London's musical underground each night a different theme, we ventured in during the future garage night and was impressed to say the least.
Up until 1am there were a lot of tourists walking in with a back pack on and leaving after 30 seconds but having to see what was going on inside, once the tourism had stopped and from around 1am on to 6am it was heaving with clubbers and music lovers alike who were there for one reason.

Over the road is where we were housed for pretty much the duration and also where we were playing Friday night / Saturday morning.... The NYC Downlow.
A film set replica of an 80's NYC street, beat up, ruined, vibrant and run by intergalactic trannies, with a New York yellow cab embedded into the outside wall just above from the porn kiosk where you had to purchase a moustache to gain entry, it was quite simply a sight to behold.
A resurrection of New Yorks golden age and from a time where it was just continuously exciting and always on the verge of something magical musically, Disco, Boogie, acid, Chicago, ProtoHouse, Soul and Funk and boy did it deliver.
The detail in the build is breath taking, all the way down to the Keith Haring replica graffiti.

Heading out of there at 6am after dancing away to Maurice Fulton, Luke howard, Rob Mellow & Luke Solomon and landing in Maceos was amazing and the blur of sunrise and onto Luke Howards 9:30am set of 2 step soul, disco, funk and sleaze was something I'll never forget.

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