Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ardour Brand Tweed Scarves...

We have just launched our first two tweed scarves in the form of the 'Gaer' and the 'Otis'.

The Gaer is a beautiful rustic tweed with fine runs of colour throughout in blues, purple, orange, red and greens.

The Otis is a bit more bold and more of a classic check tweed in cream, brown and navy with red window panes throughout.

Available now at

"We've always loved a good honest tweed, it's one of those materials that looks timeless and beautiful, brimming with strong rustic overtones.
With this in mind we set out to source some tweeds that resonated and struck a chord with our inner gent, charming, beautiful and rich in colour.
We feel as though we have done a decent job of doing just that and so we're proud to introduce the first of a number of tweed products that will be gracing our inventory over the next few months.
I think it's fair to say that no dapper chap should be without some form of tweed in his wardrobe."

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