Monday, 4 November 2013

Clothing Through The Years.... by Shaun Dangerfield

It takes a lot these days to make me literally gasp when I see something on Television or big screen.
Watching the likes of Boardwalk Empire and Peaky Blinders is a big reminder at just how much more manly it was back then, stylish, hard, rough, a different era I know but when I look at photos of the early 1900's it always pull's me in like a rabbit in the headlights.
The tailored suits, the tweeds, the fabrics, the 3 piece suits, the shirts, collar and cuff details right up to the lining's.
The headwear and the footwear are all quite simply breathtaking (from a style point of view) and it did make me realise how much I've personally changed over the years.
I'm not saying I dress in three piece suits now, far from it and I'll always have a certain element about the way I dress but I definitely see thing's through different eyes these days.

I grew up as a typical lad's lad, I cut my teeth on council estates and at football and I always loved the clothing I wore.
It was very football, very street but also clothing that at the time I shouldn't have had and if I wasn't such a lad I would have been living well above my means but I always had something going on and something to fund my vices.
But now I'm older, wiser and I appreciate more, my outlook hasn't changed and I still go to the same places and do (some) things that I used to do but I suppose I'm just getting older, and with that comes a change within my clothing outlook, appreciating the cut of a garment or the fabric has only continued my fascination, obsession and infatuation with clothing into my older years.

Touching back on the early 1900's style, and the differences with modern day, Men dressing like men. Some call it old fashioned but there was so much more substance style wise from these bygone eras.
There has been a slight re-surge over the past 5-7 years where heritage has come to the fore and suddenly young men realise it's ok to wear a tweed waistcoat and a fine cut shirt, and when I say men I mean "lads" and "boys".

And that's what got me thinking about the fact that no matter what period, boys will be boys, and clothing and all the other vices have always been in play and I find that fascinating.
No matter what period you think of there has always been a driving force of clothing, drink, drugs, sex, music and violence.
And I love that, I love the characters of today and looking back I love the characters of yesteryear.

I've got a few photos from Police mug shots between the years of 1910-1930.
A nice find for me at the time and I've been meaning to put them up for a while, some of them had explanations of why they were arrested but some were blank.
Amazing style, amazing hair, and not a single ounce of remorse for whatever they had done.

1925 - William Stanley Moore, an Opium dealer found with large quantities of Cocaine and Opium.

1928 - Thomas Craig, Raymond Neil (aka “Gaffney the Gunman”), William Thompson and FW Wilson, Thieves.
1920 - De Gracy and Ed Dalton.
1929 - Frank Murray alias Harry Williams, Breaking entering and stealing.
1923 - William Cahill.
1920 - Silent Tom Richards (centre unknown) and T Ross.
1924 - Guiseppe Fiori, Safebreaker.
1922 - Ernest Joseph Coffey.
1928 - Thomas Bede.
1924 - Patrick Riley, Counterfeiter of coins and money.
1920 - Herbert Ellis

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