Thursday, 28 July 2011

Focus On Detail part 1.... by Shaun Dangerfield

To say I'm getting fussier as I get older is an understatement, if it's not exactly how I like something I'm not a happy bunny and this has reached as far as the stitching, the inner labels and minor details on the clothing and footwear I pick up.
I have literally sold or binned all of the clobber I wasn't happy with and I also make sure all the glasses and cups plates and bowls are in perfect row's in the cupboard too so maybe it's just a mild form of O.C.D.
I don't think so..... I think I'm just a man who likes the finer details in life, so I'm starting a running post on detail, this being part 1 and focusing on the thing's that make my inner clock tick tock.
Also give's me a chance to have a play with my new camera and check all the settings out.
Presenting in finer detail the Albam waffle cardigan and the Andersons multi weave rope belt.

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