Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The weekend is nigh...Saul Wilks.

It's nearly the weekend, I'm off and we've got Boogie Cartel this Saturday night (9.00pm - 04.00am @ The Horse and Groom, Shoreditch) For any of you who fancy coming down to get down. We've met a few readers at our nights which is a nice touch and we hope to catch a few more of you this coming party.

If you head down, don't be shy - we're the two chipper blokes with big grins loitering around and behind the decks.

Right, seeing as we're all set to take the roof of (as usual) I've been combing through my records and here's a couple of sounds that I've been digging this week, just right to ease you into the weekend and get you ready for some good times and get downs.

Kicking things off with some classic sleazed up business from Miss Evelyn 'Champagne' King... This is the original version although I've been playing the 'Casual Encounters' edit which makes a lot more use of that tasty bass line. Still, a good record is a good record and Ev's vocals are pretty much heavenly. Winner.

Next up I'm rocking with some classic disco funk coming from Armenta, straight out of 1983 - probably one of my favourite years for music in general. This is pretty much a throw your hands in the air peak time feel good number, served up best to a load of loved up birds although the fellas seem to enjoy it too... Smile on your dial material if ever I've heard it!

Firefly's - Love is gonna be on your side was the last record I bought and came out on Emergency in 1981. The label itself has got a pretty rum discography and has a number of releases that I count as favourites. Listening to this takes me back to listening to my parents modern soul tape selections when I was a little'un. All good. Definitely getting a spin this Saturday! Another feel good smasher, epic break down and beautiful stings... All in all, pretty ace!

After all those happy love filled disco flavors I'm ending things with some proper, proper sleaze. West Phillips gets it pretty spot on with his analogy of some heavenly little thing getting busy on the dance floor. We've all been there, you know the sort of records that just make you want to grab hold of the nearest bird and start grinding your midriff against her derriere? If there was ever one record produced that makes me want to do just that then this is most definitely it, although I'm not too sure what my missus would think about that... Hi sweetheart!

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