Thursday, 17 May 2012

Donna Summer Rest In Peace..... by Shaun Dangerfield

Aged just 63 today see's the sad passing away of the Queen of Disco Donna Summer.
Her sexually charged sensual voice and erotic lyrics embedded deep into the soul of her music, from erotica to up tempo her music has been putting smiles on faces for 40 plus years.

Her records have been heavily edited and remixed and you regularly see her music cropping up in various online outlets as someone else uses their hands trying to rework her already perfect hits, no doubt there will be a back catalogue's worth of edits hitting the world wide web this next month.

Donna Summers records have been sampled by literally hundreds of various artists, some big some not so big but you can include in that tally the likes of Madonna, Diana Ross, Mylo, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Moby and many more, remixing work comes in the forms of Masters at Work and other big hitters including the french touch classic by Cassius being a personal favourite of mine "If it hurts just a little" that ripped and looped that perfect sample to create "Feelings For You" which I loved and played to death but equally so I hammered the same version remixed by Les Rythmes Digitales an electronic funk french house lick.
I could sit here for a while and go through so many variations and originals that have rocked my socks off but I've decided to let her music do the talking and list up some of her great creation's and also some of those that we're made because of her, the first edit I have been hammering for a while and it's taken the roof off at the Horse & Groom the other month and did an equally good job at Scala in Kings Cross in February, Enjoy Boppers.....

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