Monday, 14 May 2012

Spotlight.... by Shaun Dangerfield

Roaming around Birmingham is something I don't do much anymore.
The thing's that the city held for me have unfortunately lost their way's in term's of night's out and clothing shop's and I just don't get that urge anymore to go out and see what's happening.
The Custard Factory and this area of Digbeth held a sense of pride in the midlands as being a bit more cutting edge than anywhere else around these part's, it held night's worth going to and housed boozer's worth drinking in beforehand, with Rainbow on the corner and the old crown boozer in between revealing Air club under the arches I've spent many a good weekend milling around there.

I went back up recently just to see the change's it had taken as the Custard Factory was closed down as a venue, the pool pictured below was originally a pool from when I first started going in the mid to late 90's enjoying day event's hosting soul funk and break's and seeing the likes of Jacques Lu Cont play live 6 feet away from me, good times and times now forgotten and not to be seen again in that area.
They eventually drained the pool and re-worked it as a venue spending many a lost night there seeing some great dj's and act's.
I was quite saddened and emotional walking around inside realizing that I was probably part of the last to see it at it's finest points in time.
It's brought me back up to scratch many a time when going through the rougher times. I've always had the ability to let thing's go on a night out and forget about what goes on in your life.
What happened before that night was the past and that night is the future.

The Warehouse and Rainbow is still open and working, trudging along in various night's but I've not been up much recently as I was quite disappointed the last time I went and saw Farley Jackmaster Funk sometime last year.
I put a few shot's out purely for referencing and looking back on in the future but thought I would share a few on here......

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