Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sampled Part 3..... by Shaun Dangerfield

This one's quite a heavy one and one of my all time favourites, although not directly they are all linked via samples.
As I've said before my growing up from a young boy I was into original breaks, funk, Soul, 50's R&B and all those great breaks and vocals and instrumentals that made music to me so vibrant and full of heart and soul.
So I started collecting 45's purely in the beginning to have the records but eventually it started running deeper and you end up buying records that have been sampled so you search them out and then onto finding new breaks for yourself and going my own way with it and this was always deep rooted in me, I love so much different music but like I said this was what I grew up doing.
A record I secured for a decent wedge back then was Marva Whitney "Unwind Yourself" a stone wall classic on Cincinnati's King records from 1968 and I still have it (like all my 45's) although it has seen better days from overuse and scratching.
I have lost count on just how many different records this has been sampled on and to be quite honest I don't think we would ever truly know because I imagine it's in numerous hip hop tracks that I've never heard.
Now the direct links for me go straight to the 45 King "The 900 Number". The 45 King Mark James from New Jersey who got his nickname from taking various original 45 breaks and reworking them into fresh break beats hit highs with his 900 number in 1987.
After this there was another record out in 1990 that heavily sampled both Marva and The 45 King from Chad Jackson with his breakbeat track "Hear The Drummer Get Wicked" on Big Wave records.
Beats International also sampled Marva in 1990 with the track "Tribute To King Tubby" which was always a bit cheesy for me but I suppose should be put in there.

45 king Chad Jackson

Biiiigggggggggg deep breath and back to it (if your still interested of course).

As mentioned above/before on the blog and hitting back on the breaks/funk/soul in the late 90's I had my attention drawn to a live Orchestra from L.A in the form of Breakestra.
Breakestra are a live band who play funk/soul/breaks covers but they do it in a way where they make a live album seamless, so it's like listening to a mix except it's all live and instrumental, when I first heard them it simply blew me away at how talented they were but it was the second album from 2001 that made me stand up, listening to all the famous breaks and riffs from endless records from over the years well I was in my element, The Live Mix Part 2 covered James Browns "Funky Drummer", Tony Alvon's "Sexy Coffee Pot", Mohawks "Champ" and S.O.U.L's "Burning Spear" to name a few but the track that samples Marva Whitney's "Unwind Yourself" is a direct cover of another vintage break which is All The People "Cramp Your Style" from 1972 on Blue Candle records
I've used them in numerous old mixes and I never tire of playing them.

If you listen to Breakestra "Cramp Your Style" first then you'll hear the Marva sample right at the start before the cover of All The People, both of which are below, and if your still reading enjoy these because they are quite simply two examples of the finest breaks in history.

Breakestra All The People

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